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Publishing with sharks? : a seminar about predatory and dubious publishers.

As a Ph.D-student and a researcher you are an interesting person for many reasons, your name and affiliation is searchable and you might receive e-mails from different publishers who want you to publish in specific journal, become a member of an editorial board or attend conference. Sometimes it´s a good thing but in other cases it´s not a good idea to publish in that particular journal with that particularly publisher or attend that conference. 

This seminar will give you a background to the phenomena, present different tools to detect and examine if you are dealing with a responsible publisher or not.

The seminar is going to be in Room 4007, Ångström.
There will be coffee and a sandwich.

Uppsala University Library

Tuesday 30 May 2017
13:30 - 14:30
Ångström 4007
Målgrupp forskare/anställda
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Event Organizer

Christer Lagvik
Ann-Louise Lindström
Profile photo of Jonas Petersson
Jonas Petersson

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