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The seminarie focus on a bit of background to GIS technology and how it can be used for research, with examples from the humanities. I want to discuss some aspects of how the spatial component of research data can contribute to a deeper understanding of available information, and how GIS can be used for this. I will draw on a few examples that where developed within the Mind & Nature research node, with case studies of farmer’s diaries from 19th century Dalarna, cultural heritage sites as targets in conflicts in Azerbaijan, the spatial distribution of Medieval churches in Sweden, and different archaeological examples. The aim is to illustrate how to benefit from incorporating spatial analysis in research projects, something that is often not used to the full potential.

I will also present some of the recent advancements of 3D documentation and visualisation, including how to create 3D models with photogrammetry, and how this technology has been used for presenting results of research projects to wide audiences with the Augmented History apps at Gamla Uppsala and Uppsala cathedral

Thursday 22 February 2018
14:00 - 16:00
Ångström Visualisation Lab
  Digitala bibliotekslabbet  
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Nino Dawod

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