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EBC Makerspace Continuation course 3D printing (online)

EBC Makerspace Continuation course 3D printing (online) Online

Welcome to the EBC Makerspace continuation course in 3D printing!

This is a continuation of our course "Introduction to EBC Makerspace", where we will go into more details and show tools for optimizing small, or in other ways more challenging, prints. The course mainly covers more advanced features in Prusa Slicer and how use the 3D-scanner in the makerspace.

The course is held online via Zoom.

This course will be given in English.

Datum / Date:
Wednesday 20 September 2023
Tid / Time:
Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum EBC
Målgrupp / Audience:
  Anställd/forskare/researcher     Doktorand/Ph.D. Student     Student  
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Det här evenemanget är online. / This is an online event.
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Arrangör / Event organiser

Dianna Zeleskov
Marcus Nilsson
Viktor Åkerfeldt