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EBC Makerspace - CAD introduction (Fusion 360) (in person)

EBC Makerspace - CAD introduction (Fusion 360) (in person)

Do you want to learn how to create your own items for 3D-printing or just model things in general? If yes, then this introduction course is for you!

During this CAD-course, you will learn the basics of designing in the software Autodesk Fusion 360.

Before the course, you need to create an account at the Autodesk website (the US site) and download Fusion 360. With a student account, you will get full access to the program. Follow the instructions on the website to set up your student account:

If you don't manage to get a student account before the course, you can get the 30-day trial here (and then set up your student account later if you want):

Bring your laptop and a computer mouse to the course and let's start designing!

We will meet up at EBC Makerspace 5 minutes before the course starts.

Datum / Date:
Tuesday 23 April 2024
Tid / Time:
Plats / Location:
Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum EBC
Målgrupp / Audience:
  Anställd/forskare/researcher     Doktorand/Ph.D. Student     Student  
Kategorier / Categories:
  3D-printing     Språk / Language > English  

Föranmälan krävs. Det finns 8 lediga platser. / Registration is required. There are 8 seats available.

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Arrangör / Event organiser

Henrik Nilsson
Viktor Åkerfeldt
Dianna Zeleskov